Abdullah Ibrahim Abdullah

Salim Salam - Qamar St. Atwi Building, Beirut, Lebanon

doodzzz@doodzzz.net • Web http://www.doodzzz.net • Mobile +961-3-701081




I consider myself to be a consolidated IT solutions moving box, with years of experience in diagnosing and resolving technical/customer inquiries. A strong working knowledge of telecommunication products and services with the keen ability to clearly understand problems and find positive solutions through use of troubleshooting, problem solving, teaming and communication skills.

An information technology specialist, with an exceptional experience in maintaining enterprise environments, as well as experience in determining, planning, acquiring, and implementing systems to track client information and system wide changes on multiple levels that interconnect with IT Infrastructure.

Experienced in network administration at different scales, whether installing, maintaining or configuring network devices. Support to all areas of the network insuring appropriate resolution of problems during network outages and/or periods of reduced performance.

Experienced in project management, documentation writing and can operate in a team driven environment with the capability of solid transfer of experience.

An additional added value to myself is that I’m very good at sharing knowledge and passing my experience to those whom are willing to take it, I’ve started a Blog for that intention also I document everything that I interface with, and share it with team members.


Lingual Skills


















Areas of Expertise


Windows System Administration:

1-     Experienced at installing, troubleshooting and updating of all Windows platforms including core versions of Windows 2008.

2-     Experienced in deploying, troubleshooting and managing server roles, Active Directory, GPO, Sites, DNS and DHCP servers, etc.

3-     Experienced in PowerShell scripting and usage to facilitate daily tasks.

4-     Experienced in administrating the System Center bundle.

5-     Experienced in administrating ISA and Fore Front TMG/UAG servers.

6-     Experience with system backup and restore at a large scale, including restoring of AD system state.

7-     Extensive experience in delivering update, securing and patching all Windows platforms using centralized methods such as WSUS and SCCM.

8-     Extensive experience with Windows XP and 7 graphical media optimization.


UNIX and Linux Systems Administration:

1-     Experienced in configuration, installation, and maintenance of UNIX and Linux systems.

2-     Experienced in configuration, installation and maintenance of a UNIX Solaris 10 cluster.

3-     Experienced in using administration tools (including remote shell over SSH) at a daily bases.

4-     Experienced in system backup and restore.

5-     Experienced in writing scripts to meet environment requirements.

6-     Experienced in using Live CD Linux Distributions for on the fly given tasks.


Hypervisor Administration:


1-     Experienced in installation, upgrade, deployment and management of vSphere and Hyper-V and XenServer.

2-     Experienced in centralized management using VMWare vCenter, SCVMM and XenCenter.

3-     Experienced in configuring and maintaining high availability based virtual environment.

4-     Experienced in the migration from a physical to a virtualized environment at an enterprise scale.

5-     Virtual Machines backup / restore using vendor based or third party solutions.

6-     Experienced in migrating from VMWare based infrastructures to Hyper-V and vice versa.

7-     Extensive experience in designing, troubleshooting and securing virtual environments.

Application Virtualization and VDI Administration:

1-     Experienced in configuration and deployment of VMware View and ThinApp.

2-     Experienced in configuration and deployment of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

3-     Experienced in the integration of hypervisors to support VDI solutions namely ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer.


Network Administration:

  1. Basic IP functionality.
  2. TCP/UDP differences and various other protocols built on IP.
  3. Experienced in LAN and WAN installation, management and troubleshooting.
  4. Experienced in deployment and management of CISCO and 3Com devices including ASA, Tipping point and Iron Port also Juniper firewalls.
  5. Experienced in deploying, configuring WAN optimization appliances (Riverbed Steelhead).
  6. Experienced in deploying, configuring and troubleshooting fiber switches including zoning.
  7. Securing networks using common resolutions such as VLANs and access rules.
  8. Small / Large network setups, both wireless and cable.
  9. Troubleshooting of network connectivity using common tools.
  10. Experienced in utilizing networking tools to management and troubleshooting.

Storage Administration:

1-     Experienced in setup, configuration and troubleshooting of SAN, NAS and LAS systems.

2-     Experienced in maintaining and configuring HP StorageWorks series from SMB units to Enterprise scale units.

3-     Experienced in maintaining and configuring EMC Recover Point for site to site replication.

4-     Experience in install, configuration and management of various VSA such as Open Filer, StarWind ISCSI Target and HP p4000 Left Hand.

Backup Administration:

1-     Experienced in installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Symantec’s Backup Exec, HP Data Protector and CA ArcServe.

2-     Experienced in performing differential and full backups.

3-     Experienced in data restoration at both full and document level.

4-     Experienced in deploying multiple backup servers and centralizing the management of backup jobs and restore jobs.

Mail Servers Administration:

1-     Experienced in installing, configuring and troubleshooting Exchange environments, Lotus Domino and Zimbra.

2-     Experienced in configuring high availability features for Exchange 2010 (DAG and CAS Arrays).

3-     Experienced in configuring Exchange 2003 and 2010 with mail relay appliances such as CISCO Iron Port.

4-     Experienced in Exchange database backup / restore at a large scale.

5-     Experienced in maintaining MX records.

6-     Experienced in using Exchange PowerShell module to perform batch jobs and to fulfill daily tasks.

7-     Experienced in deployment, configuration and troubleshooting of anti-spam, mail archiving and smart hosts and integrating these solutions both as a software solution or an appliance based hardware solution.

Blackberry Enterprise Server Administration:

1-     Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of BES and BESX servers.

2-     Administration and management of the BES platform web based application.

3-     Complete control over Blackberry devices with enforced security.

Database Administration:

1-    Installation, configuration, and tuning of Oracle and Oracle Application Forms.

2-    Knowledge on configuring, installing and managing Oracle RAC on Linux and Windows platforms.

3-    Using tools such as DBVisit for Oracle databases stand by instances and remote site replication.

4-    Installation, configuration, and tuning of Microsoft SQL Server.

5-    Implementation, configuration and fine tuning of Microsoft SQL Server replication, including peer to peer replication.

6-    Installation, configuration, and tuning of Sybase 12.5 and 15.

7-    Installation, configuration, and tuning of MySQL manually or using PHPMyAdmin.

8-    Installation, configuration, and tuning of Microsoft Access.

9-    Table and Query optimization and construction.

10- Import and Export of Databases at a large scale.

11- Database backup using standard compression tools (tar, gzip, WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip).

12- Experienced in using DMBS such as Embarcadero DBArtisan for centralized database management.

System Security and Environment Monitoring:

1-     Experienced in deploying Antivirus Servers across large scale networks and maintaining them updated and functional namely McAfee products, Trend Micro Office Scan and Symantec Endpoint.

2-     Experienced in installation & configuration of IBM Software Intrusion Detection System: Proventia Site Protector.

3-     Experienced in using GFI Events Manager, centralized log management and generating readable and understandable reports.

4-     Experienced in using Kiwi Syslog server, a simple yet very effective tool.

5-     Experienced in using Wire Shark network monitoring tool.

Web Development and Intranet Administration:


1-     Experienced in installing, configuring, troubleshooting and securing IIS and Apache web servers.

2-     Experienced in maintaining domains registration, transfer of registrars and renewals.

3-     Experienced in domain administration using known control panels.

4-     Experience in in scripting using PHP and ASP.NET.

5-     Experienced database driven websites.

6-     Experience in deployment of various CMSs (PHP-Nuke, e107, Drupal, Joomla 1.x, Wordpress)

7-     HTML, XHTML, DHTML, and most derivative mark-up languages.

8-     Extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1 & CSS2) mechanisms.

9-     Familiarity with cross-browser/multi-platform design.

10-  All code is maintainable, secure, modular and easily adapted to new environments.

GUI Administration:

1-     Extensive working knowledge and experience under 'Corel Draw'.

2-     Extensive  working knowledge and experience under  'Adobe PhotoShop CS/2/3/4/5'

3-     Working knowledge with 'Adobe Image Ready' for web designated graphics.

4-     Working knowledge with 'The GIMP' a Linux based graphics application.

5-     Working experience with Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.

6-     Working experience with Google Sketch Up for 3D Modeling.



Work Experience

[ICC (Int'l Computer & Communication Systems S.A.L.)], [Beirut, Lebanon]                        2011 to current

[Technical Support Specialist]


[Arab Finance House (Islamic Bank)], [Beirut, Lebanon]                                                        2008 to 2011

[IT Administrator / Senior Helpdesk]

[Self Employed], [Beirut, Lebanon]                                                                                      2006 to 2008

[Web developer, graphic designer, IT Professional]

[IT®], [Beirut, Lebanon]                                                                                                       2005 to 2006

[IT solutions professional and consultant / Intranet Web Developer]

 [WI Plus ISP], [Jounieh, Lebanon]                                                                                      2005 to 2006

[IT Consultancy, WAN Monitoring and Web Development]

[El-Ariss Computer], [Beirut, Lebanon]                                                                                 2003 to 2005

[Graphic Design and Web Developer]

[Compu-Expert ISP], [Beirut, Lebanon]                                                                                2002 to 2003

[LAN and WAN Administration and deployment of ISA servers]

[Various Internet Cafes], [Beirut, Lebanon]                                                                           2000 to 2002

[LAN administration, hardware and systems maintenance]




[Beer Hasan Industrial and Technical Institute], [Lebanon, Beirut]                                           2004 to 2007

[TS, Technique Superior], [Computer Systems and Networks]


[Beer Hasan Technical School], [Lebanon, Beirut]                                                                 2001 to 2004

[BT, Baccalaureate Technique], [Informatics and Accounting]


[Rene Mouawwad Public School], [Lebanon, Beirut]                                                             1998 to 2001

[LB, Lebanese Brevet], [Academic]



Technical Certificates


  1. [VCP 5]
    1. VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5
  2. [MCITP Enterprise Administrator – Windows 2008]
    1. MCTS Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
    2. MCTS Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
    3. MCTS Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring
    4. MCTS Windows 7, Configuring
  3. [MCITP Messaging Administrator - 2010]
    1. MCTS Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuration
    2. MCTS Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Design and Deployment
  4. [MCITP Lync Server Administrator - 2010]
    1. MCTS Lync Server 2010, Configuring
  5. [MCITP Virtualization Administrator – Windows 2008]
    1. MCTS Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization
    2. MCTS Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization
  6. [CCNA – CISCO Certified Network Associate]
  7. [CCA – Citrix Certified Administrator]
    1.  XenApp 6
    2. XenDesktop 5.5
    3. XenServer 6.5
  8. [HP MASE, HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer]
    1. Storage Solutions
  9. [HP ASE, HP Accredited Systems Engineer]
    1. StorageWorks Integration
    2. Blade System Solutions 2010
  10. [HP AIS, Accredited Integration Specialist]
    1. StorageWorks Integration
    2. Blade System Solutions 2010
  11. [HP APS, Accredited Platform Specialist]
    1. Proliant ML/DL/SL Servers
  12. [HP CSA, Certified System Administrator]
    1. Converged Infrastructure Administration 2011
  13. [HP APC, Accredited Presales Consultant]
    1. StorageWorks Solutions Architect 2011
  14. McAfee Systems Security Professional 2012
  15. McAfee Data Protection Professional 2012
  16. Backup Academy Certified Professional



I take pride in being a self-learner

  1. Attended VMware’s vSphere 5.0 Install, configure and manage (HP Learning Center - Dubai).
  2. Attended VMware’s vSphere 5.0 Design Workshop (HP RAIL).
  3. Attended CISCO’s CCNA Training and Beer Hasan CISCO Academy.
  4. Attended VMware’s vSphere 4.0 Install, configure and manage (Formatech).
  5. Attended VMware’s ESX 3.5 Infrastructure Install, configure and manage (Formatech).
  6. Attended Microsoft’s Windows 2008 Server Install, configure and manage (ACT).
  7. Attended IBM’s ISS install, configure and manage (ACT).
  8. Attended HP’s Implementing HP Blade Systems 2010 (CIS).


Workshops and Webinars



  1. Attended Microsoft Virtualization Workshop (Microsoft)
  2. Attended Oracle Sun EXAdata Workshop (ACT).
  3. Attended TrainSignal’s Top Free 25 Tools for VMWare vSphere Webinar.
  4. Attended Mindware’s Citrix XenDesktop FAQ and QA Webinar.
  5. Attended Mindware’s Citrix XenDesktop and Networking FAQ and QA Webinar.
  6. Attended Tevega’s NEC Technology Overview Workshop.

Portfolio of Projects

Since the very early beginning on my career path in IT I’ve managed, participated and consulted in various projects at all possible levels.

Sadly I can’t speak of those projects in my resume due to client secrecy policy that I’m admitted to as well as the companies that I’ve worked at throughout my life.

On the other hand, for sure I’m willing to be addressed in technical terms about the nature of these projects if needed.



  1. Technical:
    1. Sharing my technical notes on http://notes.doodzzz.net
    2. Finding vulnerabilities on remote websites and reporting them.
    3. Gain seats to be a beta tester for both new hardware and software solutions.
    4. Playing Diablo I/II/ and III Soon.
  2. Intellectual:
    1. I can spend hours hearing instrumental concerts.
    2. Reading, all types of books especially thrillers, Sci-Fi and mythical.
    3. Watching movies relevant to types of books that I read.
  3. Recreational:
    1. Scuba Diving (ambitious to become a Trimix diver).
    2. Swimming and walking.



You’re most welcome to ask for reference people whom were/are key personalities in my career path